Food, farming and forests
12 May 2010

We're not saying it's time to give up your favourite food.

But we need to make some big changes to the way it's produced.

Food chain

The food we eat often has global impacts.

Did you know?

Meat and dairy farming produces around 18% of the global climate-changing gases.

UN FAO's Livestock's Long Shadow


Why is this? Animals in factory farms are fed huge amounts of protein to make them grow quickly.

Most of this comes from soy - which is shipped from South America. And big business is cutting down the rainforests there to grow it.

This hidden chain is wiping out wildlife, kicking people off their land and making climate change worse.

The broken food chain needs global solutions - and Friends of the Earth is calling for Government action.

> Find out more about our Food Chain campaign.


A lot of the food we eat comes from supermarkets - so it makes sense to see change here too.

And after eight years of Friends of the Earth campaigning, the Government agreed to a watchdog to ensure supermarkets give farmers and consumers a fair deal.

We say:

  • More support for small and planet-friendly farms.
  • Damaging factory farming shouldn't get taxpayers' money.
  • Supermarkets should offer a fairer deal for everyone.
  • No GM food and crops.

But the global food chain isn't the only part of the system that needs changing.

Wasting less >

Head of a cow

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