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29 April 2010

Humanity is pulling the plug on its own free life-support systems. People have created the problem - so people can fix it.

We need to give the planet a helping hand.

Here's what we should go for first:

  • A safer climate
    Keeping the planet habitable for millions of species - including us
  • Thriving forests
    Fixing the system that trashes forests for animal feed and biofuels
  • Less waste
    We're using too much stuff - but we can protect what's left.

Acting together will make a big difference.

We need your help to persuade the Government to take action.

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Saving forests

The value of healthy forests - and how we can save them

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Getting smarter about how our stuff is made

Measuring the impact of production on the planet

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Wasting less

Wasting less is the way forward

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