Climate Change

Our goals
25 May 2010

A stable climate is essential to a good life for everyone. The things we need to do to stop dangerous climate change will also create a better future for people.

Friends of the Earth's is working for a future where:

We can go on benefiting from healthy natural systems 
That means thriving forests, productive soils and reliable weather.

People in poor countries get a better deal
Everyone should have a good quality of life and protection from the climate change that rich countries have caused.

Rich countries have transformed their energy use
We'll use what we need - but we won't be wasting it. More green energy, lower bills, and cosier homes.

We can still travel in style
But with less harm to people and climate. Cleaner cars, better public transport, and people walking and cycling more - we'll be fitter too.

A fair society and a green economy are the best ways to achieve a safer climate.

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