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30 March 2012

We can beat climate change. The technology is ready. But we need to wake up governments around the world.

Help us make sure they get on with it.

What we need to do

Science says we need to keep average global temperatures to a max of 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels.

So basically we need to cut CO2 emissions to a fifth of current levels by 2050.

But we can't wait until 2049 and do it all overnight. By then, too much carbon will have built up in the atmosphere. Worldwide emissions must peak by 2015, then start falling.

If we act sooner, it'll be less difficult to make the changes.

Friends of the Earth is calling for

  • Global action
    All governments to sign up to a fair climate agreement. 
  • Action at home
    Councils can make our neighbourhoods fit for the 21st century.
  • Protection for forests 
    They're vital to our health - let's not turn them into animal feeds and biofuels.

Want to help get the solutions in place?

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