Climate Change

What next?
22 April 2010

It's a great moment to step up action on climate change. With our supporters Friends of the Earth has scored some vital successes - but the job's not done.

In the 1990s we led the first UK campaign on global warming.

Since 2008 we've persuaded the Government to

  • Pass a world-class Climate Change Act
  • Increase targets for renewable energy
  • Pay small-scale producers of green energy.

And we've made sure the rights of people in poorer countries are powerfully represented at international climate talks.

Today millions of people and many governments are getting on with cutting carbon.

It's the perfect time to get more action, faster.

With a new Government in power, we want all our representatives to commit to the most practical solutions to climate change. That means

Whichever political party is in power Friends of the Earth is here to make sure they do the right thing. 

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