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Energy efficient lighting
23 March 2010

The future's bright...but the present can be too say electronics giant Philips.

Over the last five years Philips Lighting Europe has heavily invested in energy efficient products. Lighting that's cheaper, greener and brighter.

We caught up with their Green Marketing Manager, Berno Ram.

Two thirds of all lighting in Europe is still based on old energy inefficient lighting.

Berno Ram

How can we save energy through lighting?

There are many energy efficient lighting solutions now available for the home, outside and at work.

But aren't they expensive?

No. They actually save money.You have to think about the total cost of ownership.

energy efficient light bulb
Total cost = Bulb + Usage

The electricity used by a bulb is often more than 90% of its total cost.

An energy efficient bulb costs more to buy than a normal incandescent one - but in its longer lifetime it will save users about 53 Euros (£36 per bulb).

What about CO2 emissions?

With a car you can see how much petrol goes in and pollution comes out. With lighting you don't get that visual connection.

Berno Ram

If everyone in Europe switched we'd save 28 mega tonnes of CO2 - the output of 12 medium sized power plants.

I want sexy not green?

Not only are they good for the economy and the environment - they improve peoples' lives.

They give more design freedom; more colour and greater control. They also have a more attractive design than standard bulbs and in most cases a better quality of light.

Why care about street lamps and office lighting?

Outdated street lamps consume twice as much electricity as necessary - hitting local authorities and tax payers.

The latest solutions are also much brighter - reducing road accidents and promoting security.

In offices newer, more efficient lighting can improve concentration, performance and productivity.

Surely everyone's switching then?

Many people have switched but at the current rate it will take another generation - simply too slow.

Berno Ram
Berno Ram

A lot of decision makers do not know about the benefits. Creating awareness is one of the first steps to getting people switched.

Good legislation is also important to prevent the sale of wasteful, low quality products.

it's a triple win - less cost; less CO2 emissions and a better quality of light.

Berno Ram on energy efficient lighting

Energy saving light bulbs

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