Fracking in the UK

Controversial shale gas exploration has come to the UK.

To extract the gas, water and toxic chemicals are pumped underground at high pressure through a risky technique called fracking

Coal bed methane, another controversial fuel, is also sometimes extracted through fracking.

The UK Government has given the green light despite:

  • mounting community opposition
  • overhyped economic benefits - fracking in the UK is unlikely to lower fuel bills
  • contributions towards dangerous climate change
  • links to drinking water contamination in USA and Australia

Friends of the Earth is calling for a stop to fracking - it's not the right solution.

A huge step in the fight against fracking has been won. Two fracking applications were rejected by Lancashire Council. This historic victory sends a clear message that local people don’t want fracking.

But the fight is not over. Barclays-owned company Third Energy is just weeks away from finding out if it can frack in the beautiful town of Ryedale.

Tell Barclays to stop funding fracking.

Stop fracking in Ryedale 


Residents protesting against fracking

fracking win, Lancashire