Why tackle climate change?

Five need-to-know facts about nuclear power
23 March 2012

Think you know the facts about nuclear power? Not sure? Here's the low-down on the key issues.

Some people argue nuclear power is a solution to climate change. Here are 5 facts that show it's a gamble we don't need to take.

Fact 1: We don't need more nuclear reactors

Fact 2: Nuclear energy is expensive

  • Lots of subsidies
    Billions of pounds have been poured into nuclear power.
  • Hidden costs
    For storing toxic waste and closing down old power plants.
  • Very hidden costs
    In 2010 the tax payer was left with a £4bn bill to shut down old plants.

What we are effectively paying for here is decades of cheap nuclear electricity for which we have suddenly got a massive post-dated bill.

Chris Huhne, former Energy Minister, 2010 

Fact 3: Nuclear takes cash from better alternatives

  • Every £1 spent on nuclear energy is an opportunity lost for safer, cleaner energy from sources like the sun and the waves.

Fact 4: Nuclear energy is dirty

  • Radioactive waste stays dangerous for tens of thousands of years.
  • It's not emissions free: mining, transporting and processing uranium uses a lot of energy.

Fact 5: No nuclear power plant can be 100% safe

Did you know?

If spent fuel rods had been buried around the time of the Norman Conquest 1,000 years ago, they would still be highly dangerous today.

Nuclear energy is a gamble we don't need to take. Find out about the real solutions.

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2 children and bikes in front of nuclear power chimneys

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