Climate Change

Help schools go solar
26 March 2014

Imagine every school covered in solar panels.

It would help make the most of the clean energy all around us. And could save each school up to £8,000 per year, meaning more money for books, equipment and activities.

Yet government rules currently leave many schools struggling to afford the panels.

Please sign our petition asking the woman in charge of English schools, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, to make it easy for schools to go solar.

Please sign the petition

Dear Nicky Morgan,

Making it easy for schools to put up solar panels is common sense.

It could save each school up to £8,000 per year on its energy bills. And it would help make the most of the clean energy all around us.

But government financial rules currently leave many schools struggling to meet the upfront cost of the panels.

Please change the rules to make it easy for our schools to go solar.





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