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Strong economy

A green economy can also be a strong one. But we're in danger of missing out on a massive opportunity.

Wind turbine under construction

Wind turbine under construction

Low carbon economy

Did you know?

The market for low carbon products should be worth $500 billion a year by 2050.

Stern Review

Tackling climate change is a huge and urgent challenge. The UK could benefit by leading the way in creating a low carbon economy.

An economy that focussed on cutting greenhouse gases could:

  • Save billions of pounds
    by wasting less energy and wasting fewer resources.

  • Create hundreds of thousands of jobs
    through major new industries and technologies

  • Prevent massive economic damage
    protecting us from high oil prices and run-away climate change.

The UK has the skills to make the shift but we need strong leadership from Government.


The Government should set out a clear strategy to make this transition happen.

Did you know?

Most senior executives aren't confident about investing in a greener future because of uncertain taxes and regulations.


Business says it needs certainty to tackle climate change. But the Government isn't providing it. So it's business investment as usual - and that means more climate pollution.

Friends of the Earth says

  • Business needs clear economic signals from Government to invest in clean, green technologies.

As well as providing certainty, the Government needs to change how the environment is factored into economic decision-making.

Changing the rules >

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