Environmental Justice

That’s not the way we see it.

We know that environmental problems spring partly from inequalities and injustice – unequal distribution of power, money and resources.

It's often people with the least power and money:

  • Who are not listened to by governments and corporations and have environmentally damaging developments, such as roads and incinerators, built in their communities.
  • Who are worst hit when the environment is damaged, from flooding in low-lying Bangladesh, to fracking in Salford.   

People with less power and money also:

  • Do not get a fair share of the Earth’s resources
  • Cause the least destruction to the natural world.

Campaigning for environmental justice

We are campaigning for environmental justice through:

  1. Grassroots campaigns across the UK, such as fracking and flooding. Often these involve our network of volunteers. For example we supported the people of Merthyr Tydfil who successfully opposed a monster incinerator on their doorstep.

    And we advised County Tyrone residents on their appeal to stop 145 lorries a day passing their front doors from a nearby mine. Northern Ireland’s Ombudsman criticised the Planning Service’s “major system failure”, awarding record damages.
  2. Our lawyers and planners work to strengthen people's environmental rights and support communities that want to challenge bad environmental decisions.
  3. Our campaign for better UK planning
  4. Our sister organisations in Friends of the Earth International and our own international work.


Soy in Paraguay

One of our key areas of international work is supporting communities affected by industrial soy expansion in Paraguay.


Did you know?
In Paraguay around 70,000 people lose their homes and livelihoods each year because of the expansion of intensive soy farming. Soy farming is a powerful industry that’s destroying tropical forests, fuelling climate change, and making whole communities sick from aerial crop spraying.