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Green Economy
23 March 2012

Friends of the Earth is campaigning for a green economy - kind on nature and good for our quality of life.

A green economy would be a strong economy. It would:

  • Ease our addiction to expensive imported oil and gas.
  • Save energy and cash.
  • Create new industries and millions of jobs.

Want to help? Read on and we'll get you started.

 Why we need a green economy >

Watch our short intro on a Green Economy

The Eastgate Centre in Harare - a termite mound in disguise

Can mimicking nature improve our quality of living?

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Forest cleared for palm oil plantation

Undercutting Africa

How EPAs threaten forests and biodiversity in Africa

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Builder holding a green hardhat on a construction site

Green Economy booklet

Solutions for a greener economy.

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solar panel installation

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