Campaigning for nature

In our busy lives it’s easy to overlook the importance of nature and how we need it more than we realise for:

  • healthy foods
  • water
  • materials
  • learning
  • leisure

We’re taking nature for granted with the result it’s now in decline.

In the main, policy treats nature as nice to have rather than essential and a necessary sacrifice in the name of economic growth.

But we take a different view.

We’ve a plan to help people, businesses and governments restore nature – not only for people’s benefit, but for its own sake.


Did you know?

It would cost $76bn a year to save nature - it sounds like a lot but that's a fifth of what the world spends on soft drinks each year.


Nature everywhere campaign

We’re campaigning for:

  • The rapid and extensive restoration of abundant nature everywhere
    Not just in nature reserves - but in cities, the countryside, our rivers, and at sea.
  • Children to have more and better contact with nature
    As part of their daily lives, at home, at play and at school.
  • High-quality nature to be the norm in our communities
    As normal as having decent schools, local shops and transport.
  • An end to the plundering of our seas and abuse of marine environments Including the creation of a network of UK and global marine protected areas.
  • Urgent action by government, business and others on international obligations
    Ensuring the UK and Europe meet their international obligations to reverse nature’s decline by 2020.
  • Governments and businesses to take the true value of nature into account when making decisions
    Instead of moves to turn nature into a tradable unit to sell to the highest bidder.

We’re also working with European and international colleagues to promote the restoration and protection nature across the seas and continents.


Our track record

Friends of the Earth has worked on nature issues since 1971. We started the Save the Whales campaign and led successful efforts to outlaw the trade in endangered species.

Our work to secure stronger protection for our best wildlife havens, to end the use of dangerous chemicals in farming and to dramatically improve water quality across the UK has had lasting benefits.

In 2012 we launched The Bee Cause to end the plight of British bees. We harnessed public, political and business opinion and persuaded the Government to develop a national National Pollinator Strategy to save bees.


What can I do?