Food Chain

Campaign guides and materials
30 April 2009

Paraguay photos

On a recent trip to Paraguay one of our campaigners Glyn took some incredible photos. They show some of the evidence of how growing soy is affecting not just the environment in Paraguay - but also many of the people they met.

You can see all the images in our gallery.

If you want to use any of these photographs at a stall please email Sarah in the food team to get print quality versions.

Lobbying your MEP

Farming regulation in Europe is being rewritten. Every MEP will have the opportunity to vote on the reforms. Here is a guide to putting pressure on your MEP.


Please take this petition with you to any summer events, and we will send it to MEPs to ask them to vote for planet-friendly farming.


Put together a simple placard to use in the photo opportunity with your MEP. There are different versions depending on your printer (B/W, Colour, A3 and A4).

Cow masks

What would look better at a food event than a herd of cows?

Assuming you can't get the real thing, print out these masks: 

If you'd like any of these resources sent to you as hard copies please email Sarah in the food team.