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Measuring the success of our economy is vital if we are to know what effects our policies are having on society.

However, the main 'indicator' used to measure progress (called Gross Domestic Product or GDP), is inadequate. It is a brute measure of total economic activity, and a poor reflection of people's well-being.

This site looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the most advanced alternative indicator - the Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW).

We believe that ISEW or an equivalent should be one of the main economic indicators in the Government's Indicators strategy. At the touch of a button you can:

We feel that this site shows that ISEW can provide the basis for a robust and workable indicator which reflects the values of the UK public.

With your results and comments this site can be used to help develop the best indicators to measure progress.

Introduction | Replacing GDP | ISEW explained | Make your own ISEW | View the results | International examples | How ISEW terms are calculated