Shout about
6 June 2010

Do you want to get active on environmental issues? Shout about is Friends of the Earth's annual activity project for 11-13 year olds.

Shout about 2009 is all about working together to find solutions to climate change in your school and local area.

The activity week ran from 2-6 March 2009 and thousands of young people all over the UK took part.

Check out these fantastic stories:

Question time

Pupils at St Colm's School put politician in the hot seat

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Energy in London

Two schools were treated to a visit from Friends of the Earth

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Get involved

If you missed out on the week, don't worry - the activities can be done any time of the year.

Just ask your teacher or youth group to download the free resource pack and get in on the action.

Pupils at Beyton School with their energy surveys

© Balthazar Serreau/Friends of the Earth

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