Switching to green energy

How to get clean power - without the struggle

Switching to a green electricity tariff is a quick, affordable and virtually painless way to cut your carbon emissions.

The tariff will ensure your home is supplied with power from clean, renewable sources such as wind.

More power to you

Only a tiny percentage of UK electricity at present is produced from renewables.

If we’re to cut emissions significantly there needs to be a big shift to renewables. That’s going to require big investment.

Switching to a green electricity supplier will send out a message that you want to do your bit. It also adds to demand in the market for green energy.

So what happens when you switch to a green tariff? Nothing at all: you don’t need a new meter or any special equipment. It happens just like that.

Bright ideas

Guidelines on green energy tariffs are changing, so visit the Green Electricity website for up-to-date advice.

You can raise £50 for Friends of the Earth by signing up to get your electricity supplied by 100% renewable energy from Good Energy.

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