Tasty food books

Here's some of our favourite books for healthy, organic eating and cooking.

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1) The Abel & Cole cookbook

By Keith Abel, £12.99

A light-hearted book of tasty organic recipes. Recipes are helpfully arranged by season, with guides to organic foods of the moment and handy quick-reference lists. More >

2) Food for free

By Richard Mabey, £4.99

Fancy eating wild food, but don't know your cow parsley from your chickweed? Then this guide to over 100 edible plants, berries, mushrooms, seaweed and shellfish is the book for you. Its pocket-sized design lets you take it wherever you may ramble. More >

3) Food rules

By Michael Pollan, £4.99

Bite-size tips for healthy and ethical eating. The book is easy to read, with one tip per page. The layout makes it simple to flick through and pick up useful and thought-provoking ideas. More >

4) How to grow organic vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers

By Christine and Michael Lavelle, £5.99

Are you interested in organic gardening? Here's a beautifully illustrated practical guide for both beginners and pros. It explains how to start an organic garden from scratch, and how to incorporate organic methods in an existing garden. More >

5) The camping cookbook

By Annie Bell, £10.99

A collection of hearty recipes for the perfect camping trip, with no boil-in-the-bag meals in sight. A variety of delicious al fresco treats prove that you don't have to be at home to dine in style. More >

6) Home-made kids

By Nicola Baird, £9.99

Want to bring up your kids in a healthy and eco-friendly way? This book is packed with advice, from giving your home a green makeover to encouraging your children to choose, cook and grow the right stuff. More >

7) Seasonal food: A guide to what's in season, when and why

By Paul Waddington, £6.99

Does what it says on the tin, with a 12-chapter guide to seasonal food by month. The book is perfect for food enthusiasts who want to know what's best to eat now. Chapters include information on events in the farming calendar and food-related customs and traditions. More >