New year resolutions

Do your bit for the planet in the New Year and you'll be quids in. Think energy efficiency and reducing waste, and you can't help but save cash.
  1. Pull the plug
    Switch electrical appliances off at the wall, rather than leave them on standby. The Energy Saving Trust estimates the average household wastes £37 a year by leaving electronics on standby.

  2. Don't bin those Christmas cards
    Use them next year. Either cut them up to use as gift tags or reuse the cards with our Greeting card reuse labels.

  3. Say no to junk mail
    The Mailing Preference Service will help you cut back on the amount of wasted paper in circulation by removing your name from UK direct mailing lists.

  4. Freecycle
    One person's rubbish can be another's treasure - the ideal way to save cash and save the planet. Join your local Freecycle network.

  5. Save your energy
    Avoid overfilling the kettle and wasting energy. Mark the outside with a felt-tip or sticker to show how much you'll need for one cup, two cups etc. More energy saving tips.

  6. Eat locally and seasonally
    Support home-grown produce and cut food miles by eating seasonal UK food. Find out more in Seasonal Food: A Guide to What's in Season, When and Why. Want to make your food go further, slim your bin and save cash? Be inventive with leftovers - see Love Your Leftovers.

  7. Power without the struggle
    Switch to a green electricity tariff and get your electricity from clean, renewable sources. If you want to generate your own electricity and earn some cash back, find out about feed-in tariffs, which were introduced thanks to a successful campaign from Friends of the Earth and the Renewable Energy Association.

  8. Eat less meat
    According to the UN, the global livestock industry produces nearly a fifth of global carbon emissions. If you eat meat, buy less but better-quality produce from local organic sources. Less meat can also cut the risk of heart disease and strokes (see Healthy Eating Planet).

  9. Better by bike
    Ditch the car for short-distance journeys and use pedal power. You'll slash personal carbon emissions, beat traffic and get fitter. What's not to like? Find out more about green travel.

  10. Make a difference
    Whether you want to take easy online actions, act locally or try easy lifestyle tips, subscribe to one of our email lists. If you're short of time please consider making a donation to fund our vital work. We couldn't do it without your generous support.