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Lemon tip for your microwave

Bits of food stuck in your microwave? Add a couple of slices of lemon to a small bowl of water. Put it in the microwave, switch on and the condensation will gently loosen the dried food. Simply wipe clean and enjoy that fresh smell.

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I find them really helpful. I'm part of a Green Team in an office in Jamaica, and I circulate all them to my colleagues. They particularly like the money-saving tips!"

Janet, Jamaica

These tips are varied, brief, interesting and make it really easy to take action. Well done and thank you very much indeed.

Kate Tobin, Sidmouth

I can't resist sharing them.

Helen Quelch, London

Tip of the Day is fantastic! Since signing up I have switched my soap, registered for Freecycle and persuaded my boyfriend that if we ever get a garden we will house some ex-battery hens. It's a great, great idea, keep up the excellent work.

Philippa, London

I read them all and think they are a great positive little 'seed' for my day.

J. Roberts, Brighton