Campaign Organisers Programme

Have you got what it takes to organise a Friends of the Earth campaign?

You will have when you join the Friends of the Earth Campaign Organising Programme.

Learn the secrets, learn the skills, set up or lead a real Friends of the Earth campaign with a local group, hone your activism skills, meet new like-minded people – and have fun too.

The Campaign Organisers Programme is a unique opportunity to learn real world skills with the help and guidance of some of Friends of the Earth’s most successful  campaigners – so what are you waiting for? Commit 3 hours a week over the two year programme and you’ll get:

  • An intensive training weekend in winter 2013/14  
  • Ongoing 1:1 telephone support
  • Regular skillshares with other participants 
  • £100 to run your first campaign 
  • A £50 bursary for travel and accommodation
  • A Friends of the Earth Certificate in Campaign Organising (on completion of the course).

Applications are welcome from within and beyond the Friends of the Earth local group network.

If you have further questions, or to request a Programme Guide, email [email protected]. To apply, fill in the application form at

Download a leaflet to promote Campaign Organisers locally.

Deadline for applications: Round one: 8 October (South), Round 2: 8 December (everywhere else).