Cold snap won’t halt global warming

Scientists have published new research suggesting the planet could be 4 degrees warmer by the 2070s - despite record cold temperatures in parts of the UK.

So what's going on?

The fact is that weather and climate change are related, but different.

Local and regional weather patterns affect daily and weekly weather in particular areas or countries, for example the UK being buffeted by winds from Russia.

But there is an overall long-term trend of higher global temperatures.

Papers published by the Royal Society suggest that if emissions continue the planet could become dangerously warmer in the next 50 years.

This brings with it dangers of more droughts, floods and heat-waves, such as this year in Pakistan.

These events could lead to melting of the Greenland ice sheet, rising sea levels and the release of vast quantities of methane through melting of Siberian permafrost.

Friends of the Earth believes that while a warmer world may sound appealing when it's freezing cold, scientists are right to warn of the dangers of a warmer planet.

Their research should be listened to by negotiators at the current round of international talks.