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6 April 2011

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University of Utopia

Progress is the realisation of utopias

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Run on sun launched

Win free solar panels for your school with run on sun

September 2014Read more View more

Responsible business in your community?

Oil rep gives keynote speech at responsible business awards

June 2014Read more View more

Shale gas: don't let them bottle it.

Ask your Assembly Members to stop fracking

April 2014Read more View more

Stop the Mallusk incinerator

Object to the proposed Hightown incinerator

April 2014Read more View more

No fracking on the north coast

Urgent action to object to fracking on Northern Ireland coast

April 2014Read more View more

Urgent fracking action

Ask MLAs to stop extension of fracking licence

April 2014Read more View more

Big boys rules

There's one set of rules for big business, and another local people

March 2014Read more View more

Death of democracy: whodunnit?

In the latest issue of our newsletter we ask, who killed democracy?

February 2014Read more View more

How Law Can Save the World: Eradicating Ecocide

International lawyer Polly Higgins will make the case for a new law.

January 2014Read more View more

Tells us who funds you Mr Adams

Sinn Féin should print the names of its donors.

January 2014Read more View more

All I want for Christmas is political donor transparency

Ask NI's party leaders to publish the names of their major donors

December 2013Read more View more

Amend the Planning Bill

Ask your MLAs to amend the Planning Bill

June 2013Read more View more

Transparency of political funding - have your say

Demand transparency of donations to political parties

February 2013Read more View more

Cut the strings

Come to Stormont to demand an end to secret funding of politics

October 2012Read more View more

Who pulls the strings?

We launch our new campaign to end secrecy of poltical donors

June 2012Read more View more