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Make planning transparent, fair, and democratic
31 January 2012

The planning system isn't working.

In a survey conducted by Queen's University Belfast last year, nearly 80% of citizens thought that the system served them "poorly" or "very poorly."


The purpose of planning must be to make Northern Ireland more resilient, and value the real wealth of our nation:


  • a clean and thriving natural environment

  • local food and renewable energy

  • urban space that nurtures functioning, not dysfunctional, communities, and physical and emotional well-being

  • hubs of economic activity that result in a net increase of jobs and prosperity for all of our citizens.

Planning powers are due to be transferred to Local Councils. Friends of the Earth belives this could improve the planning system. People need to be confident in the system before powers can be transferred though.


Before people can feel the system will work for them:


  • the anonymity of donors to political parties should end

  • a binding code of conduct for Councillors should be implementation.

The transfer of powers is the responsibility of the Minister for the Environment.


Write to the Minister and ask him to postpone the transfer of powers to Local Councils until the anomynity of party donors has ended, and a code of conduct for Councillors has been implemented.


We can make the planning system work for people, the economy and the environment.

ActionMake planning transparent, fair, and democratic

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