Volunteering Q&A's

Common questions about volunteering, with quotes from current and former volunteers.

Why volunteer?

We can’t describe a typical volunteer. There’s no such person. Everyone has their reasons.

Maybe you’ve got grades and need experience. Or have experience but fancy a change. Perhaps it’s just for the love of doing it.

Whatever the reason, we’re sure that you’ll share our love for the environment and be a great team player.

"I wanted a career change after 10 years in telecomms. I wanted to work for an organisation that meant something to me." - Tom Wright, former volunteer
"I’m here to learn how an NGO works and contribute to the causes I believe in." - Joanna Lymboussis, economics volunteer
"I’ve always been passionate about fighting inequality, however clichéd that might sound." - Lauren Lowe, rights and justice intern

What sort of work will I be doing?

Volunteers help us with lots of different work - from event planning to phoning MPs to developing online games, and much more.

We'll aim to match you to a role which excites you and gets the most out of your skills - helping you develop new ones too.

"I've been working on the Final Demand campaign. We took the Government to court over cuts to renewable energy support. I was there at the High Court with my suit on!" - Stanley Knill, volunteer
"You’re a proper team member and your opinions count. The work is not only interesting but makes use of my qualifications in politics." - Lauren Lowe, rights and justice intern
"I do research on things like how land is used and the resources we're running out of." - Joanna Lymboussis, economics volunteer

What will I get out of it?

Our volunteers don't work for nothing - but it's best to ask them what they get out of it.

"I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that what I’m doing is making a difference. I don’t get that from my other, paid job." - Abby Rudland, new media volunteer
"I don't think I'd be helping the London 2012 sustainability team if it weren't for the sense of purpose I've developed here." - Andrew South, new media volunteer
"At the time, volunteering meant a huge amount. It gave me the experience and the confidence I needed to change career." - Tom Wright, former volunteer

What can I do after volunteering?

Quite a few of our volunteers end up with paid work at environmental organisations. You'll be surprised how many of us here are former volunteers.

"I was offered the campaign assistant role after 5 months of volunteering and a year later I moved to my current role supporting our local group network." - Tom Wright, former volunteer
"I've been offered two really good jobs. One is with an environmental consultancy in the city." - Henrietta Dobson, former volunteer
"I know the experience and skills I’m gaining will be what other employers are looking for." - Lauren Lowe, rights and justice intern