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Hot off the presses

Climate change adaptation policy position paper - cover image

Policy position: Climate change adaptation

29 Jul, 2015 (PDF) 863.82 KB

Climate change is causing more extreme weather. Historically we're one of the biggest polluters - we must take responsibility and help poorer countries.

Bees derogation Pre-Action Letter

28 Jul, 2015 (PDF) 196.89 KB

Friends of the Earth's first step towards a legal challenge (first legal step to a Judicial Review).  This is in response to the Gov decision - accepting the National Farmers Union application to use neonicotinoids in certain areas of the UK.

EU membership policy position paper - cover image

Policy position: EU membership

21 Jul, 2015 (PDF) 654.27 KB

We need to overhaul the EU so that it focuses on improving people’s wellbeing and acts as a global champion for the shared environment we all depend upon.