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What action has Friends of the Earth taken to improve the environmental quality at head office?
24 March 2011

  • A¬†new condensing boiler was installed
  • The roof was resurfaced and insulated with cork and environmentally friendly materials
  • A¬†refurbishment of the basement used materials chosen for their minimal environmental impact
  • Thermostatically controlled ceiling fans installed to distribute heat and cooling economically
  • Motion sensors for stairwell lighting installed
  • Zone valves installed to automatically regulate the temperature on each floor separately
  • All fridges replaced with 'A class' energy efficiency models
  • All light bulbs replaced with energy efficient light bulbs
  • Replaced broken radiator valves
  • Dual-flush toilets installed as well as Eco-cubes in urinals and "hippos" in all toilet cisterns
  • We also purchase 100% renewable electricity from a supplier that guarantees that purchase leads to increased investment in renewable sources.

Environmental Monitoring Programme:

  • We monitor our electricity, gas, water, paper use, travel and waste
  • We collect data and set reduction targets at our Head Office and main regional offices
  • We set up an internal Green Challenge Team that encourages changes in staff behaviour, eg. reminding staff to switch off their monitors while away from desks

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