Can I do up my house in an environmentally responsible way?
30 June 2010

Yes, green DIY is easy and effective.

  • Repair or re-use. See Salvo for information on reclaimed and salvaged material.
  • Most large stores stock Forest Stewardship Council-certified products - where the wood is from a managed source. Although Friends of the Earth no longer recommends the FSC trademark, it is the best-known standard set for new wood.
  • Household paints can give off dangerous fumes as they dry. Try water-based paints which contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Some furnishing materials are made from recycled sources - see the Buy Recycled list.

The books listed below will help you with ideas and solutions for greening your DIY activities — all available from the Friends of the Earth Shop:

  • How Can I Stop Climate Change?
  • Good Wood Guide
  • Don't Throw It All Away
  • Save Cash Save the Planet

For further ideas and information, please see:

Why not find out if second-hand shops, charities or friends can take any unwanted materials?

Green DIY should introduce you to plenty of new and resourceful ways of making changes in your home.

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