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8 March 2012

Looking for a straight-forward introduction to an environmental topic? Our free information booklets are a great place to start. 

20 things you need to know about bees

20 things you need to know about helping Britain's bees, including:

  • Planting flowers rich in nectar.
  • Providing bee-friendly plants all the year round.
  • Providing nesting areas for bees.


Environmental justice

Understand the environmental threats to our planet, including:

  • Fuel poverty
  • Transport
  • False climate solutions

Download (booklet / poster format)

Green economy

Here's what a green economy will do for us:

  • Promote energy security with our clean energy.
  • Lower our carbon emissions. 
  • Create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

 Download (booklet / poster format)

Feed-in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive

Install a clean energy system in your home, business or community building and get paid for the electricity or heat you produce.

This booklet explains how the feed-in tariff and the renewable heat incentive can work for you.


How we can have a healthy planet

What you can do to tackle global warming - the greatest challenge of our generation - and why it matters, like:

  • What nature's systems do for us all.
  • How you can help promote biodiversity.
  • Food that doesn't cost the earth.


Renewable energy: your questions answered

What you need to know about the UK's renewable energy options, like:

  • On- and off-shore power
  • Solar power
  • Sustainable biomass


Transport - the way to go

Environmentally-friendly transport makes life better for all. Here are ideas where you can help, like:

  • Share a car - one of you relaxes on the journey.
  • On your bike - cycling will keep you fit.
  • Holiday by train - far less polluting than flying.


What we can do about waste

Tips on recycling, repairing and re-using stuff, like:

  • Buy recycled - even fleecy jackets from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Buy fruit, veg and bread with minimal packaging.
  • Practise, practise - repairing tears will get easier.


Wind power - your questions answered

Clean, renewable energy benefits the environment:

  • Slashing CO2 emissions.
  • Wind energy often peaks on cold, winter days -
    just when wind turbines are productive.


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