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open wild gardens

Open Wild Gardens

27 Feb, 2015 (PDF) 684.04 KB

Get buzzing for Friends of the Earth's Open Wild Gardens

2014 saw more of us than ever pledge to save the mighty bee! It was amazing, you spotted 832,110 bees in Britain, and we need to know if you are hiding any others in your bee friendly gardens.

This year we are launching a new and exciting event for spring, the Friends of the Earth’s Open Wild Gardens.

Forget manicured lawns and perfectly pruned rose bushes…that’s not for us! We want to open up your beautiful, wild, bee worlds to inspire people to create a safe haven for our buzzing friends and other wildlife.

It will be a chance to bring people together to share ideas, show off your hard working bee worlds and raise money. That way we can continue our work to make all of the UK a bee-friendly place.

Sample agenda

24 Feb, 2015 (PDF) 243.13 KB

An example Bee Summit agenda from the Oxford event

Volunteers and staff running a stall

Sample flyer

24 Feb, 2015 (PDF) 868.16 KB

A sample Bee Summit flyer from the Oxford event.