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Hot off the presses

Bioenergy policy position paper - cover image

Policy Position - Bioenergy

01 Jul, 2015 (PDF) 430.71 KB

Bioenergy has a role in fighting climate change but only by reducing greenhouse gas emissions without damaging natural systems or people’s livelihoods.

Diversity and Friends of the Earth

01 Jul, 2015 (PDF) 74.96 KB

Friends of the Earth is committed to increasing it's diversity so that it is an organisation that reflects the make-up of the society we operate in. This is a statement of committment by Friends of the Earth's Senior Management Team.  

Preston New Road QC advice

28 Jun, 2015 (PDF) 99.88 KB

Advice from Richard Harwood QC in the matter of a shale gas planning application at Preston New Road.