Press releases

02 Sep 2014 Boris Island ruled out by Airports Commission - Friends of the Earth reaction
29 Aug 2014 Thousands of huge spaces crying out for solar
21 Aug 2014 Bumblebees most spotted in Great British Bee Count
12 Aug 2014 Are current farming methods risking boom or bust with food supplies?
11 Aug 2014 Households must be protected from flooding
29 Jul 2014 Diesel cars face London pollution charge
28 Jul 2014 Bees: Govt must get tougher on pesticides, say MPs
28 Jul 2014 Fracking ban in national parks, as Govt shale gas push begins
27 Jul 2014 Government to launch latest round of fracking licenses
24 Jul 2014 MPs' call to end throwaway society welcomed
24 Jul 2014 Search for N-waste site highlights need for clean renewables
24 Jul 2014 Government must urgently rethink its bioenergy strategy
22 Jul 2014 West Sussex shale drilling application rejected
22 Jul 2014 Govt fuel poverty strategy is too little too late
22 Jul 2014 Coalition unites over climate target
21 Jul 2014 Conservative MP Nick Herbert takes stand against fracking
18 Jul 2014 Government urges public to help bees, but must play its part too
18 Jul 2014 Owen Paterson to deliver annual climate-sceptic lecture
16 Jul 2014 Green light for wind farm off Sussex coast welcomed
15 Jul 2014 New Environment Secretary must champion climate change action and nature
15 Jul 2014 Paterson sacked as Environment Secretary, say reports
15 Jul 2014 Govt climate policies need strengthening, says advisor
10 Jul 2014 UK air pollution limits won't be met until 2030
09 Jul 2014 Pesticide linked to bird decline
09 Jul 2014 Solar firms entitled to compensation for unlawful cut to support
09 Jul 2014 David Cameron urged to give Owen Paterson the boot
09 Jul 2014 Govt Climate Change Advisers report: flood defences have fallen into disrepair under the Coalition
07 Jul 2014 Govt urged to rethink solar plans
04 Jul 2014 Lancashire residents win extra time to respond to fracking plans
03 Jul 2014 Bees: Syngenta pulls plug on banned pesticide application
02 Jul 2014 EU resource-use plan must be strengthened
02 Jul 2014 Funding boost for Run on Sun campaign
01 Jul 2014 MPs food security report fails to tackle need to change diets
01 Jul 2014 Govt must uphold ban on bee-harming pesticide, says coalition
26 Jun 2014 Call for Paterson to go, as EA boss says Govt not the greenest
24 Jun 2014 Bees: Call for action as global review highlights pesticide threat
20 Jun 2014 Andrew Lansley tops first solar league table - but all MPs must try harder
19 Jun 2014 Russian Govt working with anti-fracking groups, says NATO chief
19 Jun 2014 Bee-friendly paradise at Bleinheim flower show this weekend
17 Jun 2014 Green light for huge wind farm off Suffolk coast welcomed