Press releases

16 Dec 2014 Decision to shelve EU plans on air pollution & resource use slammed
16 Dec 2014 Don't scrap EU action plan on resource-use, say manufacturers and retailers
14 Dec 2014 Lima climate talks end with little progress
11 Dec 2014 EU action on air pollution and waste under threat
10 Dec 2014 Hornsea 1: Green light to giant North Sea wind farm welcomed
10 Dec 2014 Energy efficiency crucial, says Friends of the Earth, following new report on energy prices and bills
08 Dec 2014 MPs call for action on air pollution
03 Dec 2014 2014 set to be warmest on record
03 Dec 2014 Autumn Statement: Plenty of environmental gloom – precious little silver lining
02 Dec 2014 Flood defence plans "wholly inadequate to keep pace with rising flood risk"
01 Dec 2014 Chancellor’s leaked flood budget full of holes
01 Dec 2014 Road-building: Transport policy heading in wrong direction
01 Dec 2014 UN Climate talks begin: Developed nations must show leadership
29 Nov 2014 Autumn Statement: Chancellor must put our health, homes and quality of life first
27 Nov 2014 New report on climate impacts a 'wake-up call' for politicians to act
20 Nov 2014 UK climate fund pledge "a much-needed first step – but more required"
19 Nov 2014 UK courts can make Govt comply with EU air pollution rules, says European Court
14 Nov 2014 Devon beavers: Govt raises hopes of re-release into the wild
12 Nov 2014 US / China climate deal not the major breakthrough the planet needs
12 Nov 2014 Govt announces fracking training hub as experts say shale overhyped
11 Nov 2014 Call for fracking regs to be weakened slammed
10 Nov 2014 Honey product guide launched
10 Nov 2014 New roads will mean more traffic and pollution and make it harder to tackle climate change
07 Nov 2014 £200M of new funding available for community renewables
06 Nov 2014 Climate change causes bees to fall out of sync with flowering plants
05 Nov 2014 Govt advisors slam defence of flood defences
04 Nov 2014 Bee action plan welcomed - but tougher action on pesticides still needed
04 Nov 2014 Liz Truss to unveil Bee Action Plan
02 Nov 2014 IPCC report: Urgent action needed to avoid catastrophic climate change, says Friends of the Earth
31 Oct 2014 Bee Action Plan due: last chance for bees
29 Oct 2014 Could the Government's 'Wellbeing Centre' lead to a new economic ideology?
28 Oct 2014 Allotments best for bees: Great British Bee Count results
24 Oct 2014 EU2030 climate decision puts polluters' interests first
24 Oct 2014 Friends of the Earth begins legal challenge to Devon Beaver capture
21 Oct 2014 Pesticides report by farming and chemical lobby is dangerously misleading
19 Oct 2014 Solar subsidy cut to farmers will add to uncertainty over UK renewable strategy
16 Oct 2014 West Sussex County Council to debate whether to go 'frack-free'
15 Oct 2014 UK needs more affordable homes - but they must be green
15 Oct 2014 Govt response to MPs concerns over Bee Action Plan inadequate
09 Oct 2014 NW council delays gas decision after Friends of the Earth highlights inadequate EIA