Press releases

27 Aug 2015 Govt proposals to end support for rooftop solar slammed
26 Aug 2015 Scientists identify new risks to bees from pesticides - Friends of the Earth reaction
24 Aug 2015 Bees: Friends of the Earth mounts legal challenge over pesticide decision
20 Aug 2015 New study shows banned pesticide harms honey bees
18 Aug 2015 Government opens up huge swathes of Northern England for fracking blitz
13 Aug 2015 Govt to fast-track fracking through planning system
06 Aug 2015 Great British Bee Count results: Schools top of the class
05 Aug 2015 Victory for community and environment as Welsh council rejects opencast coal mine
04 Aug 2015 Fracking popularity falls to new low
03 Aug 2015 Obama climate plan - Friends of the Earth reaction
28 Jul 2015 Friends of the Earth takes first legal steps on pesticides decision
24 Jul 2015 Amber Rudd climate speech - Govt will be judged on action, not warm words
23 Jul 2015 Frackers Cuadrilla to appeal Lancashire planning refusal
22 Jul 2015 Bees: Govt allows farmers to use 'banned' pesticide
22 Jul 2015 Govt solar cuts cast long shadow over industry
16 Jul 2015 Green light for fracking under National Parks
15 Jul 2015 Call for urgent action as new report reveals 9,500 deaths in London because of air pollution
14 Jul 2015 London Assembly urges action on diesel air pollution
08 Jul 2015 Budget: Making renewable electricity pay carbon tax, like making apple juice pay an alcohol tax, says Friends of the Earth
08 Jul 2015 Budget snub to climate change action, as Chancellor adds more fossil fuel to the fire
01 Jul 2015 Government publishes secret rural fracking impacts study
01 Jul 2015 David Cameron must respect Lancashire's fracking decision
01 Jul 2015 Airport expansion threatens UK climate action, warns Friends of the Earth, as report backs Heathrow
30 Jun 2015 Airport expansion will undermine UK climate action, warns Friends of the Earth
30 Jun 2015 Urgent UK action needed now to avoid increasing costs and impacts of climate change, says official Govt advisor.
29 Jun 2015 Lancashire fracking application rejected
28 Jun 2015 Independent legal advice reveals that Lancashire councillors can refuse fracking application
25 Jun 2015 Fracking application for Roseacre in Lancashire rejected
25 Jun 2015 Lancashire County Council’s legal advice on fracking flawed
25 Jun 2015 Victory for Welsh community as council planning committee defers opencast coal mine
24 Jun 2015 Lancashire council fracking meeting adjourned until Monday
24 Jun 2015 England wild beavers give birth to kits
23 Jun 2015 Climate change a medical emergency, says Commission
23 Jun 2015 Put Lancashire communities first, councillors urged ahead of crucial fracking decision
20 Jun 2015 New York State elected officials urge counterparts in Lancashire to refuse fracking
18 Jun 2015 Govt cuts wind subsidies - Friends of the Earth reaction
18 Jun 2015 Politicians urged to follow Pope's lead on climate change
17 Jun 2015 Thousands to urge MPs to act on climate change
09 Jun 2015 Swansea lagoon power plant gets green light
08 Jun 2015 G7 Summit: Climate ambition must be speeded up, says Friends of the Earth