Press releases

23 Apr 2015 Lancashire County Council defers Cuadrilla fracking decision
23 Apr 2015 ​Opencast coal mining moratorium - Friends of the Earth Cymru reaction
23 Apr 2015 New studies highlight pesticide threat to wild bees
20 Apr 2015 Fracking support undermines Labour's Green Plan
17 Apr 2015 Ed Balls reveals Labour plans for review of resource scarcity threat
16 Apr 2015 Govt air quality strategy on trial
15 Apr 2015 UK Oil and Gas clarifies wild claims on shale oil reserves in Sussex
09 Apr 2015 Oil find in southern England raises fracking concerns
31 Mar 2015 More UK and EU action needed on air pollution
30 Mar 2015 Medact report on public health risks of fracking
26 Mar 2015 UK emissions down 8.4% in 2014
24 Mar 2015 Devon beavers released back into the wild
20 Mar 2015 Lancashire county council launches consultation on Cuadrilla fracking application
19 Mar 2015 Health warning over toxic air pollution
18 Mar 2015 Budget 2015: Chancellor should ditch fossil fuel extraction, instead of propping it up
17 Mar 2015 Ground-breaking new Welsh law will help safeguard people and environment
12 Mar 2015 Chemical giant Bayer loses libel action over pesticide harm claims
11 Mar 2015 Fracking firm won't appeal South Downs national park rejection
11 Mar 2015 Disease-free Devon beavers to be returned to wild
10 Mar 2015 TTIP: Transatlantic Trade deal must not dilute environmental safeguards, warn MPs
07 Mar 2015 London marchers tell politicians its time to act on climate change
06 Mar 2015 Europe climate pledge fails the 2°C test
03 Mar 2015 Govt Fuel Poverty Strategy weak and full of holes
02 Mar 2015 Tidal lagoon power plans welcomed
26 Feb 2015 More green energy investment urged, as new renewable contracts awarded
26 Feb 2015 NW Green Energy Conference: next Govt must champion community energy, says Friends of the Earth
25 Feb 2015 Lancashire County Council turns down Cuadrilla planning application
25 Feb 2015 Europe failing to show climate leadership ahead of vital Paris summit
24 Feb 2015 MEPs vote to reform biofuels policy - but don't go far enough
24 Feb 2015 Bees: Compelling evidence for pesticide ban, says Friends of the Earth following Liz Truss speech to NFU
24 Feb 2015 MEPs must back reform of damaging biofuels policy
23 Feb 2015 London Assembly urges Boris to help schools run on sun
19 Feb 2015 Ugandan palm oil firm, part-funded by UK Govt, taken to court over land-grab claims
12 Feb 2015 Walthamstow school wins national solar competition
06 Feb 2015 Environment Agency grants Cuadrilla permits to frack Roseacre Wood - Friends of the Earth reaction
05 Feb 2015 Further delay for Lancs fracking decision
05 Feb 2015 New law to ban cold, rented homes is too weak, says Friends of the Earth
05 Feb 2015 Government backtracks on measures to protect drinking water from fracking
04 Feb 2015 Spotlight on UK Government as Wales joins Scotland with fracking ban
28 Jan 2015 Victory for Devon beavers