Press releases by subject

27 Nov 2015 Decision to allow fracking in Lancashire to be made directly by Government
25 Nov 2015 Autumn Statement: Chancellor’s green-bashing shows environment isn’t safe in his hands
25 Nov 2015 World urged to act on climate change as 2015 set to be warmest year on record
25 Nov 2015 Excess winter death figures highest since 1999
24 Nov 2015 Report urges governments to do more to change diets to act on climate change
18 Nov 2015 UK energy focus should be renewables, not gas, says Friends of the Earth after historic coal phase-out pledge
12 Nov 2015 High Court refuses permission to challenge UK Government’s bee-harming pesticide decision
10 Nov 2015 Govt must have effective renewable energy plan, or risk legal challenge, warns Friends of the Earth
04 Nov 2015 Govt fails to protect drinking water & National Parks from risks of fracking
04 Nov 2015 Bees: National Pollinator Strategy needs strengthening says coalition
26 Oct 2015 Processed meats cause cancer, says WHO
22 Oct 2015 Low-carbon electricity most cost-effective option for UK power sector
21 Oct 2015 Former environment minister Michael Meacher dies
21 Oct 2015 Invest in green energy not nuclear white elephant, says Friends of the Earth ahead of expected Chinese deal
12 Oct 2015 VW chief and Transport Secretary to give evidence to select committee
08 Oct 2015 Govt cuts blamed, as solar energy firm axes 900 jobs
07 Oct 2015 More houses needed - but they mustn’t be at expense of environment, says Friends of the Earth
05 Oct 2015 5p charge will significantly cut plastic bag use in England
01 Oct 2015 England plastic bag charge welcomed, but must be extended to all stores, says Friends of the Earth
29 Sep 2015 Labour conference: Lisa Nandy and Kerry McCarthy speeches
29 Sep 2015 Friends of the Earth calls on Transport Secretary to come clean on VW scandal
28 Sep 2015 Shell stops Arctic activity after 'disappointing' tests
24 Sep 2015 UK emissions probe must be "wholly independent of car companies"
24 Sep 2015 £14 billion risky fossil fuel investments by UK councils revealed
21 Sep 2015 UK agrees £2bn loan guarantee for China investment in Hinkley Point
17 Sep 2015 Report that Bayer is to stop using thiacloprid in Provado and Baby Bio from 2016.
17 Sep 2015 Pressure mounting on the Government to rethink attacks on solar
14 Sep 2015 Corbyn must make Labour the greenest opposition ever
27 Aug 2015 Govt proposals to end support for rooftop solar slammed
26 Aug 2015 Scientists identify new risks to bees from pesticides - Friends of the Earth reaction
24 Aug 2015 Bees: Friends of the Earth mounts legal challenge over pesticide decision
20 Aug 2015 New study shows banned pesticide harms honey bees
18 Aug 2015 Government opens up huge swathes of Northern England for fracking blitz
13 Aug 2015 Govt to fast-track fracking through planning system
06 Aug 2015 Great British Bee Count results: Schools top of the class
05 Aug 2015 Victory for community and environment as Welsh council rejects opencast coal mine
04 Aug 2015 Fracking popularity falls to new low
03 Aug 2015 Obama climate plan - Friends of the Earth reaction
28 Jul 2015 Friends of the Earth takes first legal steps on pesticides decision
24 Jul 2015 Amber Rudd climate speech - Govt will be judged on action, not warm words