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Hot off the presses

No dominion over nature: why treating ecosystems like machines will lead to boom and bust in food supply

31 Jul, 2014 (PDF) 730.38 KB

A think-piece by four professors for our Big Ideas project. The professors identify that in order to sustainably manage the ecosystems which are essential for the long-term wellbeing of humans there needs to be a focus on maintaining ecosystem health through the management of terrestrial and aquatic environments as multifunctional mosaics. This approach envisages ecosystems managed to provide a range of services, with sites of intensive production supported by contiguous areas providing different services. It is very different to the dominant narrative which focuses on technological advance combined with market solutions. They suggest their approach is compatible with modest average increases in productivity and with greatly enhanced resilience in the face of natural and economic shocks. They also say it has to be accompied by demand measures such as sustainable diets and waste reduction.

How can local authorities help save bees?

29 Jul, 2014 (PDF) 595.34 KB

Bees are vital to our food crops, our gardens and our countryside, but they are declining – some species have become extinct, others are declining in range.

Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign has persuaded the Government to adopt a National Pollinator Strategy, which has now been consulted on and which will be launched later in 2014. 

On 18 July 2014 the Government – together with Friends of the  Earth, National Farmers Union, National Trust, Waitrose, Women’s  Institute and others – issued a Call to Action to the public, farmers,  businesses, public bodies and voluntary organisations.