Andy Atkins

Executive Director

Andy is Friends of the Earth's most senior spokesperson. He heads up our focus on tackling climate change and the loss of our planet's natural diversity.

Andy has worked in a wide range of international development charities and has a strong track record of campaigning on environmental and social justice issues.



Craig Bennett

Director of Policy and Campaigns

Craig is our lead campaigner and policy strategist. He leads our tactical response to the changing political and policy context.

He has more than fifteen years of professional campaigning experience, covering everything from climate change to biodiversity and corporate accountability.



Andrew Pendleton

Head of Campaigns

Since joining us in 2011, Andrew's role is to oversee the delivery of all our major campaigns and support individual campaigners.

Before joining us Andrew worked as a lead researcher on a Climate Change think tank and has nearly 15 years experience of working in charity and campaigning roles.



Mike Childs

Head of Policy, Research and Science

Mike has worked for us for more than twenty years. During this time he helped lead Friends of the Earth's Big Ask campaign for the Climate Change Act 2008. This was the first ever national law to commit a Government to making annual cuts in greenhouse gases.



Liz Hutchins

Senior Campaigner, Political and Legal Unit

Liz leads the Political and Legal Unit in developing political strategies for Friends of the Earth across all of its campaigns.

With a background in campaigning and politics, Liz has worked for the organisation since 2008.



Paul Steedman

Senior Campaigner, Campaign Specialists Team

Paul is currently leading our Energy campaign.

He has ten years' experience working on environmental campaigns and has been with Friends of the Earth for the last two years.



Clare Oxborrow

Senior Campaigner, Land Use, Food and Water Security Programme

Clare has been Senior Campaigner in the Land Use, Food and Water Security Programme since 2009.

Clare has worked for Friends of the Earth for 10 years, primarily on a range of food and farming issues. She has a background in Ecology and an MSc in Conservation and has been involved in local conservation projects and community campaigning.



Vicki Hird

Senior Campaigner, Land Use, Food and Water Security Programme

Vicki is Senior Campaigner in the Land Use, Food and Water Security Programme and has worked on food and farming issues at Friends of the Earth from 2004.

Previous campaigns include CAP and Livestock UK, as well as doing work on local food and tropical food products.



Asad Rehman

Senior Campaigner, International Climate

Asad leads Friends of the Earth's campaign for international action to prevent dangerous climate change. He's one of our key spokespeople at UN climate negotiations.

His work focuses on cutting global greenhouse gas emissions and helping poor countries to develop in a clean and sustainable way.



Jane Thomas

Senior Campaigner, England

Jane leads a team of campaigners in each of England's nine regions, including London.

A former University Politics Lecturer, Jane worked for the Electoral Reform Society before making a move into environmental campaigning at Friends of the Earth at the beginning of 2012.



Dr Anna Watson

Senior Campaigner, Fair and Planned Transition Programme

Anna has worked at Friends of the Earth since 1999. During this time she's worked on a range of issues including GM crops, safer chemicals, local food, recycling and incineration.

She currently works on issues such as environmental governance, community empowerment and environmental justice.



Paul de Zylva

Senior Campaigner, Nature and Eco-system security

Paul heads up our work on nature from UK wildlife and currently leading our upcoming bee campaign.

Paul also chairs Wildlife and Countryside Link, the umbrella body of the country's leading 35 environment, nature, access and animal welfare organisations.



Simon Bullock

Senior Campaigner, Policy and Research Co-ordinator

Simon campaigns for the Government to build a greener, more prosperous economy by developing the UK's potential for renewable energy and energy saving.

In recent years, he's worked to strengthen the Climate Change Act and the Green Investment Bank.


Other expert spokespeople


Friends of the Earth also has a range of campaigners and senior campaigners who can speak on parliamentary issues, international and national action to cut climate-changing emissions, the food system, natural resources, green homes, renewable energy and more.

Please call the press office on 020 7566 1649 to find out more or arrange an interview.