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Hot off the presses

Policy position: Environmental refugees

25 Nov, 2015 (PDF) 533.32 KB

The UK should welcome our fair share of refugees, and also tackle the bigger issues, including climate change, that drive people to such desperate measures.

Legal files being transported by bicycle

Guide to responding to the Environmental Costs consultation

20 Nov, 2015 (PDF) 333.29 KB

The Government is currently consulting on increasing the cost to individuals and community groups of bringing environmental legal cases. This guide has been put together to help individuals and groups respond to what is a very technical consultation. For each question we have explained the views of Friends of the Earth, taking in a range of legal expertise from throughout the environmental sector.

Mosaic tile installation from the Montreal climate talks in 2005 reading "the world is watching"

Briefing: Paris climate talks and the UK

18 Nov, 2015 (PDF) 566.48 KB

In the run up to the climate talks in Paris and a Parliamentary debate on Thursday 19 November, here is our briefing to all MPs. It includes information on the key issues that will get discussed in Paris, what world leaders should push for agreement on, and what MPs can do here in the UK to make sure we are doing our fair share.