Landfills are full of rotting things. This create 40% of the UK's methane emissions and other pollutants like carbon dioxide. This free booklet shows you how to transform your waste back into valuable resources.

What's the problem?

The average person in the UK throws out their body weight in rubbish every three months. In our free booklet you can find out the environmental impact of poor waste management locally, nationally, and globally.

The following breakdown of an average bin highlights what is going to landfill. Most of this could be easily recycled or reused instead.

  • 37% kitchen waste - most of this is compostable.
  • 23% paper and cardboard - this can all easily be reused or recycled.
  • 9% plastics - plastics take hundreds of years to degrade and should be avoided wherever possible. Use cloth bags instead and buy items that aren't over packaged.
  • 8% glass - bottles and jars can be reused and recycled.
  • 6% metals - such as steel and aluminum. These are easily recycled.
  • 17% the rest - unwanted shoes, clothes, toys, and electrical goods can usually be repaired or be re-used via charity shops. 

How can we help?

Getting to grips with recycling, repairing, and re-using resources is the best way to slim your bin and help manage our resource consumption. Our booklet explains the benefits of recycling and how easy it is. Find out more about:

  • Key recycling facts and statistics.
  • How to reduce waste at home.
  • Ideas and tips on how to repair, reuse and recycle.
  • The benefits of eco-friendly shopping.
  • How to encourage your local council, school, office, restaurants and business to cut waste.
  • How to encourage the government to introduce stronger laws to protect the environment.
  • Handy resources and websites to learn more about recycling.

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