Privacy Policy

The Bee Cause website rewards you taking action to help bees by displaying fun unlocked cartoon bees (one for every action you take) and recommending more things for you to do.

On returning to this site, you will only ever see your cartoon bees. None of your personal details, such as name or address, are shown at any point. These are held separately on our secure servers.

If you use another computer or have cleared your cookies, you can easily get your cartoon bees back simply by entering your email address – no registration forms or passwords are required. We hope that this makes it fun and easy for you to help bees with us.

In the unlikely event that someone else decides to enter your email address, they may also get to see your cartoon bees and may be able to infer what Bee Cause actions you have taken. If you would prefer not to unlock cartoon bees, please remove the tick from the checkbox labelled "Unlock a Bee and remember my progress on this computer".

To make it quick and easy to continue with The Bee Cause, this site keeps you logged in using a persistent cookie. If you don't wish this to be kept, you can click on the logout link from The Bee Cause homepage.

We take your privacy very seriously at Friends of the Earth. Please read more on our site Privacy policy.