Show us why green is working for you

Send the Government a photo message about why green is working for you.

How to submit your photo

1. Write a short message (about 10 words) on paper saying why green is working for you. Your message should be personal, and finish the sentence:

"Green is working for me because ..." eg, “Tackling climate change saves lives/saves nature” or “Clean energy has created jobs in Hull” or “I get cash back from my solar panels”.

2. Take a photo of yourself holding your message - camera or smartphone will do. If you can do it somewhere that shows why you care (eg, solar panels, a local park) the more inspiring your photo will be.

3. Submit it: You can either

4. Share it: Once your photo is in the gallery, you can share it by coming back to this page, clicking on it and using the Facebook and Twitter buttons above. Please use the hashtag #greenisworking

And please encourage your friends to do the same.

Let's get loads of your photos and messages - to deliver to David Cameron in December.

Thank you.