Why work with Friends of the Earth?

As the most influential national environmental campaigning organisation in the UK, Friends of the Earth offers lasting benefits to its partners.

Working with us enables your organisations to benefit from:

Ethical brand values

Friends of the Earth is a trusted organisation. We can lend credible support to your commitment to addressing environmental challenges.

Local and national impact

Friends of the Earth has more than 200 local groups campaigning for justice and a better environment for everyone. There is potential to engage new people with your organisation locally and nationally.

The market

Expenditure on green goods and service grew 18% between 2007 - 2009 despite the economic downturn. Between 2007 - 2009, spending on ethical food and drink increased by 27%, green home expenditure by 8%, eco-travel and transport by 23%, ethical personal products by 29% and monies in ethical finance by 23%. Information from Co-operative Bank Ethical Consumers Report, 2010

Increased employee morale

Increase morale and retention of your employees. Taking part in fundraising and environmental actions as part of a team is a great way to build a shared sense of purpose. Friends of the Earth can offer many ways for employees to get involved.

Friends of the Earth's profile:

  • 40 years of campaigning successes
    Including the introduction of the 2003 Doorstep Recycling Bill and the 2008 Climate Change Act
  • National supporters
    100,000+ financial supporters and 80,000+ active on-line supporters
  • Local networks
    More than 200 Friends of the Earth local campaigning groups throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Marketing and PR
    We receive up to 100,000 unique visitors to our website each month. Our media work archives over 2,000 press mentions each year. Our team of experienced media spokespeople can provide comments on a wide range of environmental issues

If you're interested in working with Friends of the Earth, please contact us.