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Stop the biofuels targets

Biofuels are a false solution to climate change and are doing much more harm than good.

The EU is proposing a binding target to increase biofuels use to 10% of road fuels by 2020.

This massive increase in Europe's demand for biofuels will have a devastating impact on the world’s poorest countries by:

Biofuels summer of action

In recent months, report after report from esteemed organisations like the UN and the Royal Society have warned of the dangers of biofuels expansion.

Friends of the Earth is calling on the EU to scrap the target.

Instead we want measures that will double the fuel efficiency of new cars, a real climate change solution.

Hiding behind sustainability criteria

The EU proposes to avoid the negative impacts of biofuels through the introduction of sustainability criteria.

But sustainability criteria simply won’t work.

It's impossible to make the quantity of biofuel needed to meet the target without chopping down more forests.

The biofuels target risks environmental damage and human rights abuses on a massive scale.

The EU can, and must stop the 10% target.

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