Demand an end to food for fuel
19 June 2013

European targets for biofuels made from food crops drive deforestation and hunger. We must change this now.

A continued policy of high subsidies and targets will cause EU biofuel consumption to double by 2020. The idea was to reduce the negative climate impacts of driving, but it could actually make climate change worse. Burning food crops in our cars drives up food prices and contributes to hunger.

A chance to change course

Changes to EU biofuel policy have been proposed in response to public demands to stop using food for fuel. This small step in the right direction is in danger of being swept away by a wave of corporate pressure.

The European Parliament now has the chance to stand up to this pressure and make sure that:

  • The real climate impacts of biofuels are accounted for 
  • And the use of food for fuel is ended.

Please ask your MEP (Member of the European Parliament) to vote for a change to biofuel rules now.

A key vote is scheduled for September. 

You can discuss biofuels and other issues in the Land, Food and Water hub.

Sorry this action has now expired.

Please visit Press for change for other actions you can do.