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Fix the Food Chain
16 March 2009

Do you want to support a thriving yet planet-friendly farming industry?

If the answer is yes then please ask your MP to fix the Food Chain.

Broken food chain

Animals in British factory farms are pumped full of protein to speed up their growth. Soy is a major source of this. 

To produce enough protein, precious habitats like rainforests are cleared in South America to make way for vast soy plantations.

Destroying these forests increases climate-changing gases in the atmosphere.

Did you know?

The meat and dairy industry produces more climate-changing emissions than every plane, train and car on the planet - 18% of the global total.

UN Food and Agriculture Organization

The industry is pulling the plug on the Earth's free life-support systems - which provide us with clean water, healthy soil and air that we can breathe.

Small scale farmers, forced off their land by soy plantations, are now unable to grow food for their families.

The global chain also fails UK farmers, leaving them vulnerable to fluctuating commodity prices.

Fixing the Food Chain

The Food Chain campaign isn't about getting rid of meat and dairy farming - it's about getting Government to revolutionise it.

We want to see them change the deal behind our meals. This means:

  • Shifting subsidies away from factory farming.
  • Supporting farmers to grow their own animal feed.
  • Supermarkets offering fairer deals for everyone.

Email your MP today

Thanks for your interest, but this action has now expired.

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