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9 December 2008

Friends of the Earth is calling on Government to revolutionise the way we produce meat and dairy.

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What's feeding our food?

Factory farming demands massive amounts of soy - a key ingredient in animal feed. Most of this comes from huge soy plantations in Latin America.

Soybeans being harvested in Brazil © Corbis

Vast swathes of land have to be cleared to grow the soy - causing deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and the loss of valuable wildlife habitat.

Communities are often forced off their land and lose the ability to grow food for their families.

The food on our plates should not be the final link in this destructive chain.

You can learn more about these impacts in our report What's Feeding our Food?

Breaking the chain

The Food Chain campaign aims to change the way that meat and dairy is produced in the UK. We want Government to support good food, thriving farms and a healthy planet.

They must stop using taxpayers money to fund big business-led factory farms - and instead support homegrown animal feeds and low-impact meat and dairy production.

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Join the Food Chain campaign

We need as many people as possible to get behind this exciting new challenge - today's launch was just the first step towards bigger things.

In 2009 please help us to put pressure on MPs to support the Food Chain campaign. We will have lots of easy actions for you take - to find out more join our real food mailing list. Register Here


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