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Support La Pastora: a model of community resistance
3 December 2012

A pivotal moment in history for the rural poor in Paraguay and the community of La Pastora.

La Pastora, which translates as the Shepherdess, is becoming a model of community resistance.

The massive expansion of large scale soy farming across Paraguay is increasing deforestation, pesticide use and forcing people off their land.

In 2008 it was La Pastora's turn, as they came under threat from a large land owner planning to deforest 900 hectare of forest and wetlands.

The community joined together in protest and succeeded by blocking the streets and preventing machinery access to the site.

Building on success

Inspired by their success the community formed the "Coordinadora" - a campaign group that protects their farms and environment from future threats.

Their full title is "the Committee for the Defence of the Environment", living true to its name by creating the first rural land use plan in Paraguay.

This is a ground-breaking document, designed to safeguard family farms and natural resources in the community, and ensure a sustainable future

But it's strongly opposed by powerful businesses who are worried that it could create a precedent for others to follow.

They fear this would act as a barrier for agribusiness to continue its rapid expansion.

We believe La Pastora's struggle is vital.

Your international attention is key in influencing decision makers in Paraguay.

Please support La Pastora's land use plan by signing their declaration.

ActionDeclaration of Support for the Community of La Pastora, Paraguay

Dear Committee in Defence of the Environment of La Pastora

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