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Talking Rubbish Awards
5 April 2011

Certain newspapers and Government Ministers like to trash recycling but in reality it's more popular than ever.

Our Talking Rubbish Awards aim to help put their myths on the scrapheap - and show that the people talking garbage don't speak for you.

We want David Cameron to step in - and make sure his Government sets a goal to halve the nation's black-bag waste.

Thank you if you voted.

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More on the myths and Ministers

Find out more about the myths and the Ministers who have been nominated for the awards.

The myth: Recycling means everyone is terrified of the 'bin police'

"The iron fist of the municipal state has come down on people for the most minor of bin breaches." Eric Pickles, Communities Secretary

The reality:

Mr Pickles - and some noisy media commentators - give the impression that people live in fear of the 'bin police'. In reality, studies show that 80 per cent of us are happy with our waste provision.

The myth: Tyrannical bin taxes are being scrapped by the Government

"Rather than punishing struggling families with new taxes and fines, we will be supporting innovative schemes." Caroline Spelman, Environment Secretary

The reality:

The Coalition Government likes to brag about scrapping bin taxes. But in reality we still pay tax for our rubbish to be collected through council tax.

Charges for waste collection have been shown to be capable of increasing recycling up to 40 per cent. In the long term that'll mean lower council tax for everyone. Only the super-wasteful will carry the burden for what they chuck - not struggling families.

The myth: Rotting food is piling up in our homes

"Fortnightly bin collections are a naked cut to frontline services and lead to problems with vermin, bin smells and fly-tipping." Bob Neill, Under-Secretary for Communities and Local Government

The reality:

We'd actually free up money for better weekly food collections and recycling services if we got rid of expensive weekly collections of all our rubbish. So food waste would go just as quickly.

For even more background on the myths please see our Talking Rubbish Awards background information briefing.

Talking Rubbish awards

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