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Climate change solutions
Tomorrow's Climate, Today's Challenge

Tomorrow’s climate is today’s challenge

Britain could be a world leader in the battle against climate change. But the only way we can effectively cut carbon dioxide is to wean ourselves off dirty old technologies.

Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives out there. The technologies are already in commercial use, or are ripe for it. Together, they put paid to the old cliché that we can’t do anything about climate change.

Wind power

Making cleaner energy
  1. Clean and safe energy sources are everywhere. We can use them to keep the lights on, keep industry buzzing and get us around in style.

  2. Britain is Europe’s windiest country. And it blows when we need energy most – during peak daytime periods and in winter. Harnessing wind power could be our best energy bet.

  3. We can tap into the power of the waves and tides. In the long term this could provide a fifth of UK electricity.

Do your bit
There are lots of easy ways to green up your lifestyle. Find out more.

Saving energy
  1. Turning off stuff like DVD players and laptops rather than leaving them on standby could wipe out the need for one nuclear power station.

  2. Three energy-efficient lightbulbs in every home would save enough energy to light the UK’s streets.

  3. We could cut emissions from transport by taking the train instead of flying short-haul, choosing a greener car, or by walking or cycling on short journeys

Did you know?
Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has introduced new laws to get cleaner cars on to the streets of California.

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