Flooding is a huge problem across the UK - and it's set to get much worse with climate change.

December 2015 saw record-breaking rainfall and devastating floods affect the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It's just 2 years since the UK suffered its wettest winter ever; 5 out of the 6 wettest years recorded have taken place since the year 2000.

Friends of the Earth is calling for greater protection against future floods. The Government must protect the public from the effects of extreme weather.

We want the Government to defend the UK from floods by:

  • Investing more in flood defences, both natural and man-made
  • Producing a new National Climate Resilience Plan 
  • Tackling climate change at root - stop burning fossil fuels and power up with clean energy. 

Read our latest briefing (PDF, December 2015) on flood risk and climate change, which explains the problem and our asks in detail.

Visit our flood map to see where homes are most at risk and how big the threat is where you are.

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