Fracking in the UK

Controversial shale gas decisions are being made in the UK.

To extract the gas from underground, water and chemicals are pumped at high pressure through a risky technique called fracking

Coal bed methane, another controversial fuel, is also sometimes extracted through fracking.

The UK Government has given fracking the green light despite:

  • mounting community opposition
  • overhyped economic benefits - fracking in the UK is unlikely to lower fuel bills
  • contributions towards dangerous climate change
  • links to drinking water contamination in USA and Australia

Friends of the Earth is calling for fracking to be banned in the UK. New York State, France and other countries and states have banned fracking. Scotland and Wales have also stopped all fracking while they further examine the risks.

We’ve taken huge steps forward in the fight against fracking. Wherever fracking applications have been proposed, local people have opposed them; first in the south of England, then by Lancashire County Council last June. This was despite huge pressure from the Government and the fracking industry.

This historic victory in Lancashire sends a clear message that local people don’t want fracking.

But the fight is not over. 

2016 brings more challenges. Fracking company Cuadrilla are appealing the rejections in Lancashire this February, and Barclays-owned Third Energy has had its fracking application approved in North Yorkshire.

Despite David Cameron promising he would listen to local people, politicians in Westminster could now be making the final decisions.

Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo has recorded a heartfelt plea to David Cameron in response. After experiencing and witnessing the impacts of fracking in the US, he wants people to stand against fracking in the UK.

Join us, and Mark in the fight against fracking.

Say no to fracking

fracking win, Lancashire