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Green energy

Natural forms of energy surround us - and they can be used to power our vehicles, homes and business.

Renewable energy from wind farm source

Renewable energy

Examples of renewable energy sources include:

They are:

- and there's a vast resource that's largely untapped.

Did you know?

The UK has, in the form of wind power, the largest renewable energy resource in Europe

British Wind Energy Association

Investing for the future

What's more, the more renewable energy we use the cheaper it will become.

But the UK Government's record on helping new green technologies is patchy:

Renewable energy Support?
Electricity Good
Transport fuels Poor
Heating Poor

Energy efficiency - more from less

Using less energy will also help stop climate change. It's also very cost effective. But it's not the complete answer.

Friends of the Earth says:

  • Energy companies should change to make money from selling us less energy not more.

It's time the Government and businesses took action to make the switch from polluting fossil fuels. You can help too!

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Image: © Paul Carter/Wind Prospect

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